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{ Garland Photographer, Jessica Cernat } Baby Shower!!

Congratulations Samantha and Junior!!!

E93A1955 E93A1957 E93A1961 E93A1976 E93A1978 E93A1980 E93A1984 E93A1987 E93A1996 E93A2009 E93A2025 E93A2044 E93A2051 E93A2105 E93A2112 E93A2121 E93A2140 E93A2164 E93A2165 E93A2168 E93A2171 E93A2174 E93A2181 E93A2230 E93A2239 E93A2242 E93A2248 E93A2264 E93A2272 E93A2277 E93A2280 E93A2290 E93A2296 E93A2303 E93A2316 E93A2327 E93A2362 E93A2430 E93A2434 E93A2467 E93A2494 E93A2509 E93A2529

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